The best way to order sequences for RNAi experiments is online, using BLOCK-iT™ RNAi Express or the RNAi Designer.  Read more on Invitrogen's award winning online ordering tools.

You may also order by email using Microsoft® Excel ordering templates. Stealth™ RNAi cannot be ordered on the same template as regular RNA orders. Once you have completed the Excel template(s), email your order to:
For customers in Europe, please email your order to:

When you know the sequence, you can also order manually.

Standard Delivery
For ordering tube oligos with or without modifications, different purification and other delivery options.

Basic entry Enter one primer sequence at a time.

upload entry Upload multiple sequences at once.

The following information is required for placing any orders

  • Customer name and phone number
  • Purchase order or credit card number
  • Full delivery address
  • Full invoice address
  • Shipped as tubes or plates (minimum 48 oligos per plate)
  • Sequence name
  • Sequence of oligo (A, G, C, T, U only)
  • Scale of synthesis
  • Any modifications
  • Purity level
  • siRNA: single stranded or duplexed

If any of this information is missing from the Excel template, your order cannot be processed and the order will be delayed.