The main goal of an RNAi experiment is to examine the biological effect of knocking down a target of interest, often with a cell based assay. However, to elicit that phenotype, some minimum threshold level of knockdown is
required, and this threshold level will vary depending on the target.

Silencer Select siRNAs Elicit Expected Phenotype at a Higher Rate than Other siRNAs.
siRNAs to seven gene targets with well understood RNAi induced phenotypes were individually transfected at 3 nM and phenotypes measured 48 hours later. Each bar represents the percent of siRNAs that gave the expected, silenced phenotype. siRNAs to BUB1B, AURKB, WEE 1, and PL K1 were assessed using a multi-parametric cell growth / apoptosis assay in U2OS human osteosarcoma cells. siRNAs to HMGCR, LDLR, and FDFT 1 were assessed using an LDL uptake assay in HUH7 human hepatoma cells.

Silencer® Select siRNAs

  • More reliably elicit maximum knockdown levels
  • More consistently reach the threshold level of knockdown required to see a loss-of-function phenotype
  • In side-by-side tests, result in a higher percentage of expected, silenced phenotypes than siRNAs from other vendors