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The Silencer® Select siRNAs are classic 21-mers which incorporate the latest improvements in siRNA design, off-target effect prediction algorithms, and chemistry. A choice of Silencer® Select siRNAs are available—Pre-Designed or Validated. Silencer® Select Pre-Designed siRNAs are guaranteed-to-silence based on their proven design while the Silencer® Select Validated siRNAs are functionally tested to reduce target gene expression. Sets of Silencer® Select siRNA Libraries are also available in tubes or plate for high throughput screening. The Silencer® Select Positive and Negative Control RNAs should be included in every siRNA experiment.

The benefits of using Silencer® Select siRNAs include:

  • Potent—up to 100-fold more potent than currently available siRNAs and fewer off-target effects
  • Most Specific—LNA® chemical modifications reduce off-target effects by up to 90%
  • Reliable—demonstrated improvements in consistency and reliability of phenotypic results
  • Guaranteed—100% guaranteed to silence, the best guarantee in the industry
Note: Silencer® Pre-Designed & Validated siRNAs are designed using our first-generation algorithm and DO NOT include any chemical modifications. They are recommended for completing in vitro RNAi studies that were started using Silencer® siRNAs. For new studies we recommend Silencer Select siRNAs.

Approximate Turnaround Times*
Standard purification: 4 business days
HPLC purification: 6 business days (20 and 40 nmol); 15 business days (250 nmol)
In Vivo Ready: 15 business days (250 nmol)

Catalog # Pre-designed/Validated Purification Size
4390817Pre-designedHPLC purified20 nmol
4390818Pre-designedHPLC purified40 nmol
4404014Pre-designedHPLC purified250 nmol
4404010Pre-designedIn Vivo Ready250 nmol
4390815Pre-designed non-inventoriedStandard purity20 nmol
4390771Pre-designed non-inventoriedStandard purity5 nmol
4390816Pre-designed non-inventoriedStandard purity40 nmol
4392420Pre-designed Standard purity5 nmol
4392421 Pre-designed Standard purity20 nmol
4392422 Pre-designed Standard purity40 nmol
4427037 Pre-designed Standard purity1 nmol
4390821 Validated HPLC purified20 nmol
4390822 Validated HPLC purified40 nmol
4407270 Validated HPLC purified250 nmol
4407267 Validated In Vivo Ready250 nmol
4390824 Validated Standard purity5 nmol
4390825 Validated Standard purity20 nmol
4390826 Validated Standard purity40 nmol
4427038 Validated Standard purity1 nmol
*Estimated time from order confirmation to ship date from Austin, TX for orders confirmed by 2 pm CST. Does not include time required for shipping (typically overnight for US and Canada deliveries, 2 days for Europe, 2-3 days elsewhere).


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