Reliable, versatile equipment to help improve sample storage workflow

Thermo Scientific barcode readers, plate sealers and tube cappers/decappers are trusted in labs worldwide to speed processing times, enhance workflow efficiencies and help ensure sample integrity. Our equipment is designed to enable reliable performance, be compatible with a wide range of Thermo Scientific consumables, and to be scalable with your throughput needs, with ease of implementation and use. 

Calibrated to your throughput

Regardless of your lab’s sample throughput needs, our sample storage equipment can improve your workflow efficiency, speed and reliability. Our portfolio includes manually operated and automated equipment options appropriate to help enhance sample storage workflows whether your lab moves just a few or thousands of samples through the lab daily. 

Barcode Readers



Plate Sealers

Available Speed Ranges

Rapid single tube reads

As little as 1 second for full racks

4 seconds for 8 tubes

Entire rack in 10 seconds

10-15 seconds/plate

2-3 plates/minute

5-6 plates/minute


Operation Types Available




Hands free/Automated



Throughput Ranges Available




3-5 Racks/Day

10+ Racks/Day





Consumable Compatibility

Our portfolio of sample storage equipment is designed to be compatible with the most popular and widely used Thermo Scientific consumables. Thermo Scientific Barcode Readers accommodate 1D, 2D, linear and human readable codes on tubes and racks. Our capping/decapping equipment is compatible with a wide range of Nunc and Matrix tubes and racks. Thermo Scientific Plate Sealers support deepwell plates, micro plates, well blocks, and racked tubes, along with a host of seal types from heat and adhesive seals to lids and capmats. Flexibility is built into our equipment designs so that your individual lab processes and preferences are accommodated out of the box, including many integrated lab automation systems. 

Increased Sample security

In addition to the obvious benefits of being able to work faster and more efficiently, barcode readers, plate sealers and capping/decapping equipment help provide increased security for your valuable samples.  Using capping equipment enables an optimal torque for tube sealing while helping to reduce the risk of damaging the seal integrity over repeated capping and decapping procedures.  Similarly, plate sealers apply the proper pressure and uniformity of seal across the entirety of the plate and for the type of seal material you use.  Barcode readers help reduce data errors and enable more assured tracking through processing and storage procedures.  Our reliable sample storage equipment eases workflow and helps give you more confidence in sample integrity. 

Proper tube sealing torque is critical to sample security

Sample loss due to evaporation during long-term cryogenic storage is a common problem that can prove troublesome or even disastrous. Learn more by reviewing this study that demonstrates how the application torque applied to the tube closure during capping affects sample attrition following repeated thawing and freezing cycles.


Ease of Use

From handheld, manual equipment to fully integrated, lab automation components, our sample storage equipment is designed to be easy to use out of the box and reliable over the long term.  Manual devices incorporate ergonomic grips and robust mechanical components to help reduce users’ physical strain and risk of repetitive stress injury.

Automated devices incorporate simple, clear user interfaces, touch controls and intuitive software that help gets you up and running quickly and keeps you there.  Workflow flexibility is also built in, allowing for easy switching between consumable sizes and formats on the fly.

More affordable automation

Our portfolio of sample storage equipment is designed to help provide labs with enhanced workflow efficiency.  By integrating with other equipment necessary for your workflow, labs can scale up automation at a pace and cost that is more approachable.

For general laboratory use.