High quality polypropylene plates for reliable sample processing and storage

Thermo Scientific polypropylene microwells and deepwell plates provide performance and value for sample storage, high-throughput screening and molecular diagnostic assays. Our plates are made with high quality virgin, medical-grade polypropylene resin and benefit from exceptional design and manufacturing advancements that help ensure sample integrity and aid in your workflow efficiency.


Choose from an extensive range of plate formats, well shapes, geometries and sealing options that ideally support even the most demanding environments in drug discovery, molecular biology and genomics applications.  

Sample processing and storage plate capabilities

Reliable for demanding applications

Polypropylene plates are naturally low binding, enabling excellent recovery of protein and DNA samples and offer an economical solution with comparable performance to more expensive, specialized plates.

Clean room manufacturing

Our portfolio of high-quality sample processing and storage plates include products produced in clean room manufacturing facilities and certified to be human DNA free, DNAse and RNAse free, endotoxin free and with a sterility assurance level (SAL) of 10-6

Automation enabling

Our plates are designed according to ANSI/SLAS standards and include robotic handling slots so they are compatible with automation equipment and processing including plate sealing, barcoding and tracking, and liquid handling.

A great seal for your application

Our plates are designed to support a variety of manual and automated sealing options including caps, lids, heat and adhesive seals. 

Designed to ideally suit your sample processing needs

A broad range of well shapes and bottom geometries are available to better support your application, mixing, sample recovery, liquid handling, and sealing requirements.

Compatibility with your applications

Our sample processing and storage plates are designed and tested for compatibility with a broad range of chemicals, applications and processes.  Explore resources like chemical compatibility guide to help find the best plate for your needs.

For general laboratory use.