Engineered with the value of your samples in mind

Sample storage tubes from Thermo Scientific are developed through robust engineering, innovative design, extensive performance testing and only the highest quality materials. We understand how valuable your samples are and work in collaboration with our customers and partners to develop sample storage tubes that meet or exceed your highest expectations. 

Cryogenic Capable

To ensure reproducible results and continuity in research and biomedical processes, today’s scientists are faced with the task of preserving living cells and organisms with optimal viability, and ensuring sub-cellular components like nucleic acids and proteins are unchanged. Cryogenic appropriate storage tubes are designed to meet the demands of liquid nitrogen temperatures. These tubes are produced using rigorously tested materials and employ appropriate caps, seals and integrated tracking systems that can withstand the extremes of cryogenic conditions while protecting your valuable samples. For temperatures below -100°C, where low-temperature mechanical stresses are severe, specially engineered sample storage containers are required. Our portfolio of sample storage tubes includes a range of products specifically suited to your various sample storage needs.

Thermo Scientific 2D barcoded tubes and caps are designed with your application temperatures in mind.  From compound stores to tissue freezing, we offer tubes with specific resin characteristics and capping styles ideally suited to support your work. Permanent 2D, linear, and human readable codes enable easier sample ID and tracking while supporting storage temperatures from ambient to -196°C.

Quality Assurance

For many decades, researchers have trusted the Thermo Scientific storage tube portfolio for safe sample storage. That’s because our products are designed, engineered, tested and manufactured with a focus on quality. To protect your valuable samples, we select only high quality and purity virgin polypropylene to manufacture our sample storage tubes. 

*Complies with the detection limits, refer to product certificates for testing limits

Seal Integrity

Long-term storage and cryopreservation require various tube designs and material qualities, of which the most critical consideration is the type of the screw cap (internal or external threading), and its appropriate seal (o-ring or integrated gasket). A properly designed screw cap closure system on a tube is paramount to successfully maintaining sample integrity especially during multiple freeze/thaw and capping/ decapping cycles. Our tubes have been rigorously tested to ensure seal integrity in even the harshest use environments.

Sample ID and Tracking

Identification and tracking are critical components of sample storage, ensuring the security of your valuable samples in the short and long term. Our portfolio of sample storage tubes delivers a variety of identification methods including manual (written) labels, linear 1D with human readable barcodes, and 2D scannable barcodes. Depending on the type of tube, these methods can be employed in multiple areas of the tube (side and bottom) for redundancy and ease of use in your workflow suitable for either automated or manual processing or both.


Like the tubes and caps themselves, these sample identification methods have been developed with the physical stresses of cryopreservation in mind, surviving multiple freezing and thawing processes without degradation. Additionally, color coding tools (such as caps and coders) provide you a convenient “at-a-glance” benefit to facilitate organization of samples in storage. 



Automation Compatibility

Our portfolio of sample storage tubes emphasizes efficiency and scalability in sample processing and storage workflow. The majority of our products are designed to be compatible with automated processes, including storage racking systems, tube capping and decapping, sample extraction and automated tracking and identification. Whether or not you utilize any of these automation tools now, you can have confidence that our sample storage tubes can accommodate your lab’s growth and future efficiency concerns. And if you are currently employing storage automation techniques in your workflow, rest assured that we offer products that will seamlessly integrate into your systems. 




This product is intended for general laboratory use unless otherwise specified. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the performance of the product is suitable for the specific use or application.