Barcode Readers

A full storage and handling product line

From storage tubes to barcode readers, cappers/decappers, and sealers, we offer a full sample storage product line to enhance your throughput in manual or integrated workflows

Performance features of Barcode Readers

FeaturesVisionMate ST Single Tube 2D ReaderVisionMate Wireless
VisionMate HSX High Speed Barcode Reader
Scan 2D Barcoded TubesXXX
Scan 96-way rack of 2D tubes  X
Scan 48-way rack of 2D tubes  X
Scan 24-way rack of 2D tubes  X
Read 2D barcode on bottom of rack XX
Automatic Rack Detection and Scan  X
Automatic Rack Orientation  X
Rack Linear Barcode Scan XX
Automatic Linear Barcode Detection  X
Fast scanning
(less than 5 seconds)
CSV, XLS data exportXXX
Keyboard Wedge OptionXXX
TCIP data export
(preferred for LIMS)
Integration friendly  X
LED visual feedback  X
IP66 rating  X
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Compatibility with Matrix Tubes

Matrix Tubes

Our line of Barcode Readers is compatible with Matrix tubes. The linear and human readable codes match this unique 2D barcode, allowing 1D scanning or visual identification of samples across satellite or collaborative sites without 2D readers.

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Setting Up and Installing the Thermo Scientific VisionMate Wireless Barcode Reader

How to Use the VisionMate Wireless Barcode Reader Device and Software for Data Export


Don't forget about the software.

Learn more about our VisionMate software for our sample storage product line.


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