Storage Caps and Seals

Accommodate a range of application and storage requirements. Matrix and Nunc caps are available in a range of formats to allow for your manual or automated storage needs.

Don't forget the easy to use SepraSeal Cap Removal Tool

Matrix Tube Caps & Seals

Matrix SepraSeal Capping Systems

Matrix SepraSeal Capping Systems

Designed for storage to -20°C and available solid or pre-split as well as sterile and non-sterile formats.

Matrix DuraSeal Capping Systems

For storage down to -80°C, DuraSeals can also be used for repetitive piercing procedures with their pre-split v-shaped design

Matrix ScrewTop Tube Caps

Color-coded caps and inserts available racked in trays or in bulk to suit a variety of applications.

Nunc Cryovial Caps

Nunc Cryobank and Bank-It Replacement Caps

Replacement caps supplied racked for manual or automated replacement. Available in natural, green, red or blue for simplified sample tracking.

Nunc CryoTube Colored Caps

Thermo Scientific Nunc CryoTube Colored Caps are for use with Nunc internally threaded CryoTube vials and include a silicone gasket to provide the best seal.


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