Determining the DNA sequence of specific regions in the genome remains one of the most powerful tools in many research settings, ideal for sequencing gene panels and confirmation of high-throughput next-generation sequencing data.

Target regions can be as small as a single exon, or as large as the entire exome (all the protein coding regions of the genome), or as complex as all of the genes and regulatory regions associated with a particular pathway.

Typically, one of two methods is used to select and isolate your region of interest: PCR amplification or hybridization.


Suitable for relatively small regions, or regions where precisely delimited regions are key. Custom primer placements provide almost unlimited flexibility in defining your region. Suitable for large numbers of samples.

Sequence hundreds of amplicons covering oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes using Ion AmpliSeq™ Cancer Panel.

SequalPrep™ long PCR enrichment and amplicon normalization system provides a highly efficient enrichment solution to meet resequencing throughput capabilities.


Oligonucleotides are used to capture your region of interest from pre-prepared sequencing libraries.

  • Solid state, high density tiling arrays give you large areas of overlap for complete coverage of your target.
  • In-solution capture uses probes to efficiently capture sequences in solution.

Economical and focused, high-density probe design using TargetSeq™ Enrichment System.  Choose a fully customizable approach for the Ion PGM™ sequencer or targeted exome and custom capture for the 5500 Series Genetic Analyzer.

Next Generation Sequencing
The 5500 XL Genetic Analyzer combines ultra-high throughput with the flexibility of sample multiplexing and lane-by-lane sequencing.
 Semiconductor Sequencing
Ion PGM™ sequencer provides the fastest sequencing runs for targeted amplicon re-sequencing across multiple genes and multiple samples. Various options for library preparation and the ability to scale with chips of varying sequencing capacity allow you to meet diverse project requirements.