Aneuploidy can now be detected via next-generation sequencing using DNA from a single or multiple cells isolated from preimplantation embryos. The Ion S5™ and S5™ XL Systems offer a simple and scalable workflow for aneuploidy analysis. Through the use of whole genome amplification (WGA), genomic DNA from a small number of cells—even a single cell— can be used for low-pass sequencing of the entire genome. Following that, aneuploidy status may be determined using Ion Reporter™ Software. To get started, download the appropriate user guides from the table below.

Sequencing workflow for aneuploidy analysis


1. Prepare library

2. Prepare template

3. Run sequence

4. Analyze data

Aneuploidy analysis

Whole-genome amplification and fragment library construction with Ion SingleSeq kits included in Ion ReproSeq PGS kits.

Ion ReproSeq PGS kits user guide

Isothermal amplification with Ion Chef System.

Ion 520 & 530 Kit-Chef user guide

Sequence up to 96 pre-implantation embryo biopsy samples with Ion 530 Chip.

Ion S5 and Ion S5 XL Systems user guide

Data analysis and storage with Torrent Suite Software and Ion Reporter Software and Server.

Torrent Suite Software 5.4 help guide

Ion Reporter Software help guide

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