Target Selection for Ion Torrent Next-Generation Sequencing
Breakout NGS tools for standout work

To overcome the complexity of genetics, you need next-generation sequencing (NGS) tools that can help you overcome experimental obstacles and focus on finding answers that will reveal your next breakthrough.

A key element of a successful NGS experiment is high-quality target selection and enrichment.

Flexible research needs:Clinical cancer research:        
Ion AmpliSeq panelsOncomine assays 

Ion AmpliSeq technology is globally recognized as the leading amplicon-based enrichment method for creating NGS libraries. And now with Ion AmpliSeq HD technology, researchers can routinely get answers from samples when exceptional sensitivity is required.

Solutions for NGS target selection

Choose from leading Ion AmpliSeq panels to ultra-highly sensitive Ion AmpliSeq HD panels to accelerate your genetic research. Both Ion AmpliSeq and Ion AmpliSeq HD panels have been demonstrated to provide superior coverage uniformity, specificity, and compatibility with limited samples.

Choose Ion AmpliSeq panels for:

  • Ultimate flexibility—create DNA or RNA panels for any genome
  • Availability as ready-to-use, on-demand, or made-to-order panels
  • Minimal input—as little as 1 ng FFPE DNA or RNA

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Choose Ion AmpliSeq HD panels for:

  • Exceptional sensitivity—get as low as 0.1% limit of detection (LOD)*
  • Availability as made-to-order panels
  • Minimal input—as little as 1 ng FFPE DNA or RNA

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Choose Oncomine Assays for:

  • Clinical cancer research—assay content reviewed by experienced professionals to help ensure the highest relevancy
  • Repeatable results—protocols and verification are based on analyses of clinical research samples
  • Faster implementation—specialized application support teams can help you get started analyzing samples

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Specialty panels for key research applications

Cancer research

Targeted sequencing assays for oncology research are paired with easy-to-interpret informatics workflows that leverage information from the extensive Oncomine Knowledgebase. These panels include content for DNA and RNA, FFPE, and liquid biopsy samples.
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Inherited disease research

Whether you are using a focused-panel approach to study Mendelian disorders with low phenotypic heterogeneity or you want to use a whole-exome approach to study complex disorders like autism and intellectual disability, we offer a range of Ion AmpliSeq panel types to match your unique research needs.
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Human identification

Applied Biosystems Precision ID panels enable analysis of up to hundreds of forensically targeted markers such as STRs, SNPs, or the mtDNA genome.
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*for cell-free DNA samples

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.