Multiplexing enables the pooling of samples prior to emulsion PCR (ePCR) on the SOLiD™ System. By incorporating more samples per run, multiplexing allows for significant decreases in the cost and handling requirements of ePCR, enrichment, and deposition. This substantially benefits applications such as whole-genome sequencing of small genomes or targeted resequencing of enriched samples.

Both DNA and RNA barcodes are specifically designed to prevent overlapping and permit simple, easy-to-interpret data analysis. All of the kits are packaged in sets of 16 barcodes, with up to 96 distinct barcodes available.

RNA barcodes

SOLiD® RNA Barcoding Kits

  • These easy-to-use kits help maximize RNA sequencing runs by pooling libraries prior to ePCR with up to 96 barcodes.

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DNA barcodes

SOLiD® DNA Barcoding Kits

  • These practical kits make the most of the extraordinary sequencing capacity of the SOLiD® System by multiplexing up to 96 libraries with DNA barcodes.

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