Trade in your 3100 Series Genetic Analyzer pic

Trade up your existing system to better performance, higher throughput, and increased lab productivity.*

Trade up your 3100 Series Genetic Analyzer to a 3130 Series Genetic Analyzer for a great package deal.

Minimal setup and simple operation with no messy syringe.

Enhanced performance with optimized modules provides higher-quality data for both sequencing and fragment applications.

Expanded one-polymer, one-array functionality—easily switch between sequencing and fragment runs, or run both in the same plate.

Continuous, unattended 24-hour operation to increase your lab's productivity and output.

Trade in your Genetic Analyzers pic


Save when you trade up your existing genetic analyzer.

Trade up your existing genetic analyzer for higher throughput and save. Increase your throughput up to four times:

Trade your 310 to a 3500—increase from 1 to 8 capillaries.

Trade your 3130 to a 3130xl—increase from 4 to 16 capillaries.

Trade your 3500 to a 3500xl—increase from 8 to 24 capillaries.

Trade your 3730 to a 3730xl—increase from 48 to 96 capillaries.

Contact your local sales representative for full trade-up details or click the link below.

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