Make an informed decision: unveiling the facts before choosing an instrument from a third-party vendor

Reduced-cost genetic sequencers from third party instrument and maintenance providers might appear to be attractive choices. However, these alternative vendors are not authorized vendors of Applied Biosystems instruments and these instruments may cost you more money in the long run. We encourage you to question the representatives of any third party vendor that claim they can service and support Applied Biosystems 3130, 3130xl, 3730, 3500xl, or 3500 genetic analyzers. Claims from third party instrument and service vendors can be misleading.

Key considerations for instrument selection and services via third-party vendors

Frequently asked questions

Flushing potentially damaging substances like nitric acid through Applied Biosystems genetic analyzers is not an OEM-authorized procedure. Use of nitric acid or other substances not authorized by Thermo Fisher Scientific can cause damage to the genetic analyzer that may not be covered by the warranty or service contract. In addition, flushing anything through the genetic analyzer that is not authorized by Thermo Fisher Scientific could void any warranty or service contract through Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Only Thermo Fisher Scientific field service engineers receive ongoing factory training and certification. Our field service engineers have exclusive access to Applied Biosystems latest calibration tools and supplies that are certified and tested by the instrument manufacturer.

Thermo Fisher Scientific maintains sole intellectual property and licensing rights to its data collection software and service tools software. Furthermore, data collection and analysis software licenses are not transferable, and instruments purchased from third-party vendors have invalid software licenses.

Unauthorized vendors do not have access to new replacement parts that are certified to the manufacturer’s OEM specifications. Unauthorized parts used from other instruments may impact the instrument performance and longevity. In addition, any unauthorized alteration to an instrument will lead to loss of certification, including Conformite Europeenne (CE) and Underwriter Laboratories (UL).

 Any unauthorized parts or repairs will void any warranty or service contract through Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Capillary array regeneration kits and unauthorized laser replacements may damage your Applied Biosystems genetic analyzer. Download the brochure to find out how.

Quality matters. Is compromising worth the risk?

Thermo Fisher Scientific is the manufacturer of all Applied Biosystems genetic analyzers and consumables with 40 years of experience servicing our instruments. Applied Biosystems genetic analyzers are a trusted standard for Sanger sequencing and fragment analysis by capillary electrophoresis (CE).

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SeqStudio Flex Genetic Analyzer trade-in

Trade in your existing Applied Biosystems genetic analyzer for a new SeqStudio Flex Genetic Analyzer and see what you can do with the enhanced flexibility, usability, connectivity, and serviceability of this mid-throughput instrument.

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SeqStudio Genetic Analyzer trade-in

Trade in your Applied Biosystems 310, 3100, and 3130 series genetic analyzers for a new SeqStudio Genetic Analyzer and simplify your workflow with this easy-to-use, low-throughput, and convenient benchtop system that delivers gold-standard Sanger sequencing and fragment analysis.

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3500 Genetic Analyzer trade-in

Trade in your Applied Biosystems 3100 and 3130 series genetic analyzers for a new Applied Biosystems 3500 Series genetic analyzer at an incredible price.

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Trade up your 3730xL

Trade up your existing system to better performance, higher throughput, and increased lab productivity.

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There’s no time for downtime in your lab. Built on 40 years of service expertise, our superior service solutions for Applied Biosystems instruments help keep your lab up and running. More than 2,000 trained professionals make up the industry’s largest network, ready to assist you when you need it. Can you afford to risk your productivity and finances on poor service and support by utilizing an unauthorized third-party vendor?

2x faster response time
2x faster response time

Instruments covered by our on-site plans are prioritized in the repair queue.

Save on repairs

Parts, labor, and travel are included in most plans, saving you over 25% for major part replacements.

Pro-active planned maintenance (PM)
Proactive instrument care

Scheduled planned maintenance is included in all on-site service plans, and is prioritized for service customers.

Easier instrument qualifications
Easier instrument qualifications

Qualification services are completed by certified field service engineers, and take less than one day.


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