Sample Preparation

Sample preparation is a critical step of nearly all genetic studies and stem cells provide an added challenge of limited sample size. With the Ambion® TaqMan® PreAmp Cells-to-CT™, gene expression analysis can be performed directly from limited or small numbers of cultured cells without RNA purification. The protocol includes an intermediate amplification step (pre-amplification) between reverse transcription and real-time PCR in which cDNA is enriched for up to 100 gene targets of the user’s choice without amplification bias.

  • Complete, validated solution—Optimized workflow includes cell lysis reagents, DNase, RT reagents, PreAmp reagents, and TaqMan® Gene Expression Master Mix
  • Fast, simple and convenient—Prepare samples in 7 minutes; eliminate tedious RNA isolation
  • Extend limited samples—Increase real-time PCR potential by up to 64-fold; study up to 100 genes at once
  • Accurate results—Uniform amplification without introducing bias
  • Robust performance—Linear detection from 10 to 100,000 cells; results equivalent to purified RNA

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