StemPro Accutase

StemPro Accutase is a marine-origin enzyme with proteolytic and collagenolytic activity for the detachment of primary and stem cell lines and tissues.

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Gentle dissociation product for sensitive cells

  • Efficient - gently detach adherent cells within minutes
  • Convenient and cost effective - stable when frozen, refrigerated, and at room temperature
  • Maximum viability - standardized protocols for human embryonic stem cell (hESC) lines and human neural stem cell (hNSC) lines either in adherent or neurosphere suspension cultures


Use with embryonic and neural stem cell lines

StemPro Accutase Cell Dissociation Agent:

  • Shows high cell viability when tested with multiple embryonic stem cell and neural stem cell lines
  • It maintains normal morphology and equivalent gene expression markers of hESC and hNSC
  • Can dissociate suspension cultures such as neural stem cell spheroids, embryoid bodies, and floating sphere colonies
  • Dissociation of NSC on CELLstart in StemPro NSC SFM shows a mean viability of 90% after dissociation with StemPro Accutase reagent


hESCs passaged with StemPro Accutase

StemPro Accutase allows single cell passaging of hESC when cultured in StemPro hESC SFM (Figure 1).

Robust single cell passaging of hESC

Figure 1. Robust single cell passaging of hESCs. BGO2 cells were disaggregated to single cells with StemPro Accutase reagent and plated in StemPro hESC SFM on a Geltrex substrate. Images taken 1.5 and 20 hours after plating indicate that cells migrate to form micro colonies. These cultures expand to form monolayers of undifferentiated cells after 5–6 days of growth.

hNSCs passaged with StemPro Accutase

StemPro Accutase allows efficient dissociation of hNSCs cultured in adherent and neurosphere suspension cultures (Figure 2).

Figure 2A: Phase contrast image of a large ball of cells forming a neurosphere.
Panel A
 Figure 2B: Image of single cell suspension that results from dissociation of a neurosphere.
Panel B
 Figure 2. Dissociation of human neurosphere. Human neurosphere (A) dissociated into single cell culture (B) using 1 ml of StemPro Accutase reagent for 10 minutes.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.