Using the technology that has transformed cell reprogramming, the CytoTune® -iPS Sendai Reprogramming Kit, our CellModel Services™ team can reprogram human fibroblasts or blood cells and provide pluripotent stem cells to you in as little as four to six months.

The CytoTune® kit is a high efficiency, integration- free, easy-to-use somatic cell reprogramming kit used to generate induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). This kit utilizes Sendai virus particles of the four Yamanaka factors, which have been shown to be critical in the successful generation of iPSCs.

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A central benefit of using CytoTune® in our CellModel Services™ is the ability to generate more iPS cells in a single experiment due to the significantly higher reprogramming efficiency of the technology.  This efficiency ultimately allows our scientists to get reprogrammed cells to you faster than they could using traditional reprogramming technologies; such as lentivirus.

Process & Timeline

Cell reprogramming projects are typically completed within 16-24 weeks, but actual timelines will vary depending on the cell type provided, choice of additional optional characterization services and other factors.

Optional Services

Choose from a number of additional services to customize your stem cell reprogramming project; or continue your project with downstream applications such as stem cell differentiation, assay development and screening.

  • Bank additional clones
  • Potential to generate all three germ layers through embryoid body formation
  • FastFISH Analysis
  • Cell identity
  • Media adaptation to Essential 8™ Medium
  • TaqMan® Gene Expression Analysis
  • Targeted genomic sequencing with the Ion Personal Genome Machine® Sequencer
  • ICC with antibody markers
  • FACS with antibody markers (some antibodies may require validation)

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