PluriTest Characterization Service

The ability to verify and characterize the pluripotency of your stem cell culture is critical in moving your research forward.

The PluriTest Characterization Service leverages our Applied Biosystems PrimeView Global Gene Expression Profile Assays in combination with the PluriTest bioinformatics tool to analyze and process the transcriptome of all samples against an extensive and well-characterized reference set, allowing for the global assessment of pluripotency for your submitted samples.

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Our PluriTestCharacterization Service offers the following benefits:

  • Fast and cost effective—leverages well-established method for verifying pluripotency starting at $369 USD per sample
  • Easy sample prep—simply provide a frozen cell pellet of 2x106 cells
  • Extensive reference set—includes over 450 well characterized pluripotent and non-pluripotent samples
  • Exceptional support—a dedicated project manager for frequent project communication

Leverage extensive reference data to confirm pluripotency

Samples are screened and analyzed with the PluriTest (Online) Analysis Tool, a well-established method for verifying pluripotency with over 16,000 samples analyzed. The online analysis tool utilizes an extensive stem cell model matrix which consists of more than 450 previously characterized pluripotent and non-pluripotent cell and tissue:  including 223 human embryonic stem cell lines, 41 induced pluripotent stem cell lines, somatic cells, and tissues.

The PluriTest analysis tool confirms pluripotency via two separate scores: pluripotency and novelty. The pluripotency score is an indication of how strongly a model-based pluripotency signature is expressed in the samples analyzed. The novelty score is assigned based on well-characterized pluripotent stem cells in the stem cell model matrix and indicates the general model fit for a given sample. These two scores are combined into a pluripotency plot to indicate the pluripotency of your samples in comparison to the reference cell lines.

PluriTest Characterization Service deliverables

  • Detailed PluriTest assay report—include pluripotency test results and the relative pluripotency of your sample compared to an extensive reference data set
  • Pluripotency plot—a visual representation of the pluripotency of your samples based upon the pluripotency and novelty scores
  • Raw data file—provided as part of the deliverables package if an in-depth analysis is required
visual representation of the pluripotent samples in the analysis

Figure 1. The Pluripotency Plot window provides a visual representation of the pluripotent samples in the analysis. The pluripotency and novelty x/y scatter plot combines the Pluripotency Score on the y-axis with the Novelty Score on the x-axis. The red and blue background hint to the empirical distribution of the pluripotent (red) and non-pluripotent samples (blue) in the reference data set.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.