A challenging and often tedious aspect of stem cell research is the need to characterize cells throughout your experiments.  Confirming cell identity, pluripotency, gene expression, and other characteristics of stem cells requires a broad set of tools and the expertise to know what to look for in each test.

With access to a complete portfolio of characterization tools and cutting-edge instruments, the CellModel Services team can perform numerous stem cell characterization experiments using cell lines that you provide or ones that we customize for you.

Stem cell characterization services

Our KaryoStat Karyotyping Service is a fast and cost-effective alternative to typical G-banded karyotyping that leverages the array-based KaryoStat Assay, offering whole-genome coverage for accurate detection of chromosomal aberrations.
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Our PluriTest Characterization Service can provide analysis and process the transcriptome of samples against an extensive and well-characterized reference set of previously characterized cell and tissue by leveraging our PrimeView Global Gene Expression Profile Assays in combination with the PluriTest bioinformatics tool. 
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TaqMan hPSC Scorecard Panel icon

Learn more about how researchers use the cost-effective TaqMan hPSC Scorecard Panel to enable verification of pluripotency and determination of lineage bias for both embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cell lines.
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Our NEW Mycoplasma Detection Service is used to detect Mycoplasma contamination. The service leverages the Applied Biosystems MycoSEQ Mycoplasma qPCR Detection Kit to detect over 90 Mycoplasma species, offering the sensitivity to detect less than 10 copies per reaction and results in less than 3 weeks. Add the Mycoplasma service on to your current characterization service request.
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Oncomine comprehensive assays icon

Our NEW Oncomine Service is used for the monitoring of genomic variations associated with select cancer hotspots in iPSC samples. The service leverages the Ion Torrent Oncomine Comprehensive Assay v3M to enable analysis of variants across 161 genes, offering higher detection sensitivity from the next-generation sequencing platform and results in 4 weeks.
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Characterization services can be provided as a stand-alone service or added to any CellModel Services reprogramming, differentiation, or assay development project.

Services available Life Technologies tools utilized
Immunocytochemistry for pluripotency Floid Cell Imaging Station
Fluorescent activated cell sorting for pluripotency Attune Acoustic Focusing Cytometer
Germ layer characterization / embryoid body formation  FLoid Cell Imaging Station
Cell identity confirmation AuthentiFiler PCR Amplification Kit
Gene expression analysis  Taqman Gene Expression Kits
QuantStudio 12K Flex Real-Time PCR System

Targeted genomic sequencing (AmpliSeq kits)

Ion Personal Genome Machine (PGM) System

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