Utilize the power of native MS for sample screening
Native mass spectrometry (native MS) is a powerful technique for the characterization of proteins and their complexes. Unlike most common structural biology techniques, which requires a large number of acquisitions for an “average” view of the sample, native MS can reveal all proteoforms and their conformations with just one measurement.

How can native MS help with sample screening?
This software, which analyzes Online Buffer Exchange (OBE)- native MS data, applies novel in-house developed algorithms for larger isotopically unresolved and smaller isotopically resolved protein species. Algorithm and parameters are selected automatically, based on user-defined protein target mass, and run data is processed concurrently on existing instrument hardware so that results are ready shortly after the last run is completed. 

Focus on results (instead of the process!)
Thermo Scientific OptiMSe integrates into your workflow seamlessly. It facilitates the preparation of LC queues and tuning of the MS instrument, automates the acquisition and processing of the MS data, and generates an on-the-fly report to aid sample selection for downstream cyro-EM analysis. MS expertise is not required to operate OptiMSe.

OptiMSe workflow

OptiMSe, powered by native LC-MS, enables automated sample screening

Rapid Data Acquisision and analysis

  • Templated methods with suggestion for mass spectrometry tuning and LC set up
  • Up to 96 samples per screening job fully automated
  • 3 minute run per sample
  • Automated data analysis and scoring using new proprietary algorithms

Confidence in Sample Prep

Using native MS to check:

  • Construct design
  • Sample stability
  • Contaminants
  • Optimal buffer and additive conditions

Optimize your EM utilization

  • Compatible with cryo-EM Athena platform for data management
  • Design experiments from anywhere
  • Easily vary sample conditions
  • Easy to read report aimed at non-MS experts
  • Informed choice on which sample to run
A solution to accelerate structural elucidation


A solution to accelerate structural elucidation

“To do cryo electron microscopy without native mass spectrometry… is like working with not one hand behind your back, but two hands behind your back…”

Prof. Brian Chait
Camille and Henry Dreyfuss Professor The Rockefeller University
The power of native mass spectrometry  for cryo-EM sample screening

Experts discuss the role of native MS in structural biology and its innovative pairing with cryo-EM

Spiked protein abstract image, labeled
  • Simplify sample screening and purity determination of proteins and complexes
  • Reduce time to result and increase flexibility with automated acquisition and processing
  • Enable high-throughput sample screening of hundreds of samples per day to truly optimize sample prep
  • Confidently select best sample for downstream analysis from a comprehensive set of sample preparations

VitroEase buffer selection

What if you could screen dozens of different buffers or sample preparation conditions in a single day?

With the Thermo Scientific VitroEase buffer optimization kit combined with OptiMSe screening workflow, you no longer need to guess how to best prepare your sample or rely on "good enough."


Membrane proteins and complexes

Enable multiple experiments and sample processing and handling for membrane proteins and complexes

OptiMSe workflow completes each membrane protein measurement within minutes, which enables high-throughput assessment of membrane protein integrity prior to its structural elucidation.


Biotherapeutic characterization

Characterize proteins and composite glycosylation & microheterogeneity for native intact mass analysis

OptiMSe software enables automated data analysis and delivers confidence in results in minutes. Native OBE-1, online buffer exchange column, enables rapid separation at a micro flow rate for direct screening of therapeutic proteins with increased throughput and sensitivity.

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