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We believe synthetic biology will change the way we create energy, produce food, optimize industrial processing, and detect, prevent, and cure diseases—improving the human condition and the world around us. We’re committed to offering unparalleled technology and solutions to the research community. This synthetic biology webinar series was produced to educate researchers interested in utilizing our innovative synthetic biology technologies. The webinars are divided into learning modules to make navigating the information easy.

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Synthetic biology webinar library

Date Title  
March 16, 2016 New cloning technologies available from Thermo Fisher Scientific View webinar
December 2, 2015 How to boost your CRISPR editing efficiency View webinar
On demand CRISPR-generated human knockout cell lines, empowering your research View webinar
On demand GeneArt™ DNA Libraries: protein engineering for every lab View webinar
On demand Fundamentals of RNAi tools and delivery technologies View webinar
On demand Basics of Design: Knockout and Knock-in Design Using TAL Effectors and CRISPRs View webinar
On demand Basics of Detection & Analysis View webinar
On demand From gene to protein – extending gene synthesis to reliable protein expression View webinar
On demand The GeneArt® Online Portal View webinar
On demand
NEW Editing tool targeting any DNA sequence View webinar
On demand GeneArt® Elements™ vector construction and combinatorial parts assembly View webinar
On demand CRISPR-Cas9 for large-scale cell engineering View webinar
On demand GeneArt® Strings™ DNA Fragments and Type IIs Assembly kits—the smart alternative to obtain and clone your gene View webinar
On demand RNAi technology reveals possible targets for treating Parkinson's disease View webinar
On demand An introduction to RNA-guided genome editing with CRISPR View webinar
On demand Directed evolution methods for protein engineering View webinar
On demand Genome editing of iPSCs from Parkinson's disease patients using TAL technology View webinar
On demand An introduction to precise genome editing with TAL effectors View webinar
On demand New easy methods for next-generation cloning for every lab View webinar
On demand Introduction to simplified vector design and integrated gene synthesis ordering through new Vector NTI® Express Designer Software View webinar
On demand Synthetic TAL effectors for targeted gene activation in plants View webinar
On demand Fast, simple alternative to traditional cloning View webinar
On demand Move beyond traditional DNA cloning and editing View webinar
On demand An introduction to plant genetic engineering View webinar
On demand An introduction to plant sequencing View webinar

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