In this synthetic biology webinars module, our scientists will cover the topics of gene synthesis. Each webinar provides background information, data analysis, and helpful tips for the featured products.

Gene Synthesis & Gene to Protein Recorded Webinars


GeneArt DNA Libraries - Protein engineering made easy

Join us for a live webinar, “GeneArt™ DNA Libraries: protein engineering for every lab”. In vitro protein engineering strategies are widely regarded as the most efficient methods for creating proteins and regulatory sequences with improved or novel properties. GeneArt™ DNA Library services offer a solution for every budget.


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From gene to protein – extending gene synthesis to reliable protein expression

In this webinar, Dr. Michael Liss, Research and Development manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific, discusses how to conveniently and rapidly obtain optimized synthetic genes from electronic sequence data and how optimized sequences help ensure that you get the highest expressed protein yields. In this webinar, you will see how gene optimization works and how it affects protein expression on multiple levels to help deliver increased overall expression reliability and protein yields. You will also learn the basis of gene synthesis and how the GeneArt® protein expression service is a convenient and fast way to outsource your protein expression projects. Whether you’re interested in outsourcing individual steps in the gene-to-protein workflow (e.g., gene synthesis and cloning into expression vectors), or you’d like us to complete the entire workflow, we have the solution for you.
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The online GeneArt® Portal

In this webinar, Dr. David Raab, Research and Development manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific, discusses the GeneArt® portal. Life Technologies offers a wide range of custom made tools for molecular biology and genetic engineering, ranging from gene synthesis and downstream services, like subcloning and plasmid prep, to TALs and DNA library services. The online GeneArt® portal offers sophisticated yet easy to use bioinformatics support. Whether you want to optimize the sequence of a synthetic gene or Strings™ DNA Fragment for high yield expression, create a TAL for precision gene knock-down or design a complete new vector with GeneArt® Elements, the portal will offer you the corresponding tool.

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GeneArt® Elements™ vector construction and combinatorial parts assembly

You’re invited to join our synthetic biology webinar “GeneArt® Elements™: a combination of standardized genetic parts and customer parts for the cost-effective construction of individualized vectors, pathways, and more.”

In this webinar Dr. Michael Liss, manager of Molecular Biology Research and Development at Thermo Fisher Scientific, discusses GeneArt® Elements™ vector construction and combinatorial parts assembly. The GeneArt® Elements™ collection offers access to a large set of well-characterized genetic parts that can be used for different purposes, with easy online design and ordering. The ability to cost-efficiently test different promoters, terminators, or other functional elements helps ensure the best possible outcomes for further downstream applications.

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GeneArt® Strings™ DNA Fragments and Type IIs Assembly kits—the smart alternative to obtain and clone your gene

In this webinar, Dr. Michael Liss discusses the advantages of GeneArt® Strings™ DNA Fragments (now available up to 3 kb), and how to clone your gene or assemble Strings™ fragments into larger genes using GeneArt® Type IIs Assembly kits. These new methodologies not only help save time and money but also allow scientists to remain focused on results instead of troubleshooting lengthy PCR and cloning reactions.

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New easy methods for next-generation cloning for every lab

This webinar showcases a new methodology for cloning genes using GeneArt® Strings™ DNA Fragments along with the trusted assembly techniques of restriction enzyme/ligation and seamless cloning. This new methodology not only helps save time and money but also allows scientists to remain focused on results rather than troubleshooting lengthy cloning reactions.

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Introduction to simplified vector design and integrated gene synthesis ordering through new Vector NTI® Express Designer Software

Vector NTI® Express Designer Software leads the way in engineering the next generation of in silico cloning and assembly. The newly developed interface is a virtual project canvas for both simplified drag-and-drop vector construction and simplified submission and ordering of gene synthesis projects. In this webinar, you will learn step by step how this powerful, easy-to-use bioinformatics software can help you do bio-design, faster customer vector construction, sequence optimization, and gene synthesis.

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Fast, simple alternative to traditional cloning

This webinar illustrates how a significant amount of time could be saved by cutting out the unnecessary steps from traditional cloning and moving into gene synthesis. Gene synthesis has become a cost-effective, time- and resource-saving method for obtaining nearly any desired DNA construct with 100% accuracy. It outperforms conventional molecular biology techniques in terms of time and cost, while providing equivalent or better expression performance and construct stability and quality. Watch this webinar and go beyond traditional synthesis and build your next breakthrough using next-generation cloning.

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Move beyond traditional DNA cloning and editing

In this webinar, learn how to clone or edit DNA in a single step, harnessing the power of homologous recombination. No more restriction digests, end repair, ligation, subcloning, and enzyme inactivation steps with DNA loss at every stage. Even multi-site mutagenesis is made simpler with homologous recombination, making substitutions, deletions, or insertions easier than ever. Watch this webinar and you’ll cut, edit, and create DNA faster than ever.

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Combine expression-optimized genes with an advanced expression system to improve your results

Gene optimization affects multiple levels of gene expression and results in increased overall expression reliability and protein yields. This complete solution—from gene to protein—offers enhanced protein expression with different options, depending on your level of experience and lab resources. This includes the option to outsource your gene expression (receiving your protein within 30 business days) or adopting the technologies in your own laboratory.

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