Lithium ion batteries

Lithium ion batteries are a ubiquitous feature of modern technology, playing a crucial role in everything from handheld consumer electronics to electric vehicles. As these batteries become increasingly more advanced, so do the manufacturing processes required to create them. Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a broad range of tools and instruments for the production of advanced battery technology. Our systems touch every part of battery manufacturing, from the extraction and processing of raw materials, to quality assurance in the production line, to the research and development of the next generation of batteries.

Explore the categories below to see how Thermo Fisher Scientific is enabling the latest advances in battery technology.

Advanced Battery Technology


Battery structure characterization

Battery materials science

Investigate the structural and chemical characteristics of batteries across a range of scales in both 2D and 3D. Visualize battery samples from their cell-level architecture to their atomic structure.

Thickness and Basis Weight Measurement

Battery thickness and basis weight measurement

Our measurement and control systems provide precise measurement of electrode coatings, separator films, and calendared electrodes. The combination of sensor accuracy, reporting, and innovative measurement ensures efficient production of high-quality batteries. 

Laboratory equipment

Lab equipment for battery manufacturing

From vacuum ovens, to water bath circulators and chillers, to electrochemistry  and water purification systems, we offer a full range of lab equipment for battery manufacturing, supporting production and testing, quality assurance, and failure analysis.


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