Spectroscopy, Rheology, and Extrusion for Food Development and Testing

Food development research

Food product development, from concept to R&D and through commercialization, is nuanced and complex. Foods can behave like solids, liquids, or both. They might change consistency in the production process or on the shelf. Internally, they contain a mix of protein, starch, sugar, fat, flavorings, and more. From an external viewpoint, food products vary in shape, size, and color. All these factors must be considered when developing new products.

Food testing and food quality control

Making food ingredients healthier, cleaner, and safer

As a producer of ingredients or consumer goods, you need reliable analytical testing and material characterization instruments to help you continuously monitor and optimize your process. Intended to ensure food safety, protect your brand, and ensure consumer satisfaction, our tools are designed to avert product defects and costly errors. With the right testing and characterization, your quality control (QC) practices and quality assurance (QA) teams will help you deliver consistently delicious foods and beverages.