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DPC imaging

Modern electronics research often relies on nanometer-scale characterization of electric and magnetic properties. Differential phase contrast STEM (DPC-STEM) is used to perform such tasks, allowing you to image the strength and distribution of magnetic fields in and around your sample, and directly display the magnetic domain structure. What makes this technique so valuable is its ability to directly image complex materials used in data storage and electronic devices.

Differential phase contrast microscopy

DPC-STEM has applications in a number of research areas. In the field of spintronics, it is often important to determine the micro-magnetic state of sub-micrometer patterned magnetic materials. In optoelectronics, quantum wells in non-centrosymmetric materials cause strong piezoelectric fields that modify the band structure of these devices. These spintronics and optoelectronics materials require thorough characterization to be fully understood, a capability unique to DPC-STEM.

The technique is not just limited to magnetic samples. Polarized materials and films exert a similar influence on the electron beam as materials containing an intrinsic electric field. DPC-STEM can reveal critical information on the charge distribution of bonds, across interfaces, and at surfaces, potentially leading to the discovery of new aspects of a material’s physical properties.

DPC-STEM is available on Thermo Scientific Talos S/TEM and Spectra S/TEM platforms with the four-segment design of the (Panther) STEM Detector. Combined with Thermo Scientific Velox Software, these instruments give you the option of live DPC acquisition that’s fully integrated into the user interface.


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Fundamental Materials Research

Novel materials are investigated at increasingly smaller scales for maximum control of their physical and chemical properties. Electron microscopy provides researchers with key insight into a wide variety of material characteristics at the micro- to nano-scale.



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Spectra 300

  • Highest-resolution structural and chemical information at the atomic level
  • Flexible high-tension range from 30-300 kV
  • Three lens condenser system

Spectra 200

  • High-resolution and contrast imaging for accelerating voltages from 30-200 kV
  • Symmetric S-TWIN/X-TWIN objective lens with wide-gap pole piece design of 5.4 mm
  • Sub-Angstrom STEM imaging resolution from 60 kV-200 kV

Talos F200X TEM

  • High-quality, high-resolution (S)TEM imaging and accurate EDS
  • Available with high-resolution, high-brightness (cold) field emission gun
  • Available with in-column Super-X G2 EDS with ultimate cleanliness
Thermo Scientific Talos F200C transmission electron microscope (TEM)

Talos F200C TEM

  • Flexible EDS analysis reveals chemical information
  • High-contrast, high-quality TEM and STEM imaging
  • Ceta 16 Mpixel CMOS camera provides large field of view and high read-out speed

Talos F200i TEM

  • High-quality, high-resolution (S)TEM imaging and flexible EDS
  • Available with high-resolution, high-brightness (cold) field emission guns
  • Available with Dual EDS for highest analytical throughput

Talos F200S TEM

  • Precise chemical composition data
  • High-performance imaging and precise compositional analysis for dynamic microscopy
  • Features Velox Software for fast and easy acquisition and analysis of multimodal data
Thermo Scientific Talos L120C transmission electron microscope (TEM)

Talos L120C TEM

  • Increased stability
  • 4k × 4K Ceta CMOS camera
  • TEM magnification range from 25–650 kX
  • Flexible EDS analysis reveals chemical information


  • An experiments panel on the left side of the processing window.
  • Live quantitative mapping
  • Interactive detector layout interface for reproducible experiment control and setup

Avizo Software
Materials Science

  • Support for multi-data/multi-view, multi-channel, time series, very large data
  • Advanced multi-mode 2D/3D automatic registration
  • Artifact reduction algorithms
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