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Not all scanning electron microscope manufacturers are created equal

Scanning electron microscopes (SEMs) are versatile machines and represent a long-term investment for any laboratory. It’s important to not only choose the right SEM model for your lab but also select the right manufacturer to help you get the most out of this specialized and powerful instrument. When comparing scanning electron microscope manufacturers, it’s important to assess each one on the quality of their machines, areas of expertise and the level of support they can provide. Which one is the best for your lab? Let’s take a look now.

How to choose between scanning electron microscope manufacturers

Each scanning electron microscope manufacturer is different in terms of the instruments, areas of expertise and levels of support they can provide to your lab. Let’s look at each of these areas now:


Just as every manufacturer is different, so is every scanning electron microscope. There are now a huge range of SEMs available to choose from. It’s vital to find a manufacturer with the right instruments for your current laboratory’s applications – and one with the capacity to provide futureproofed solutions as your image analysis applications and demands change.

Whether you’re investing in your first SEM, upgrading or extending your current image analysis instruments, professional scanning electron microscope manufacturers can advise you on the best SEM for your applications.

A manufacturer with a wide range of instruments can grow and scale as your applications change or demands increase, helping you futureproof your image analysis capabilities.


Every laboratory is different. And different scanning electron microscope manufacturers have different areas of expertise. It’s important to find a manufacturer that understands your specific applications and research areas.

Whether you’re worried about data quality, productivity or usability, you will face many specific challenges in your day-to-day work. You need the right manufacturer address those issues, helping you to select and use the right scanning electron microscope. Otherwise, you could end up with an expensive and not-fit-for-purpose machine.


Scanning electron microscopes are complex instruments. While many modern machines come with intuitive interfaces to lower the barriers of entry, every laboratory needs a level of support to help you reap the full rewards of a scanning electron microscope. This includes training and education, product support and services, and comprehensive documentation.

Introducing Thermo Fisher Scientific

At Thermo Fisher Scientific, we are dedicated to producing a range of analytical SEMs and meeting the specific needs of your laboratory.

Our scanning electron microscopes provide you with a vast choice. Our Thermo Scientific Phenom Desktop SEMs, for example, are easy to use and have a reduced footprint, providing a robust solution for your applications.

At the other end of the product range, our powerhouse floor-model SEMs are capable of unparalleled resolution and contrast. Our Verios SEM, for example, is capable of a resolution of 0.6 nanometers at 30 kV, and our Apreo SEMs care capable of 0.9 nanometers at 1 kV.

Our versatile Thermo Scientific Prisma E and Thermo Scientific Quattro environmental SEMs are the ideal choice if sample flexibility is a priority. These mid-range instruments provide all-around performance under a range of conditions and can work with difficult samples. These instruments are the ideal choice for multi-user labs, and you can image samples in their natural state.

Within the field of material science, Thermo Scientific Axia ChemiSEM is a flexible, easy-to-use SEM EDS instrument, which provides instantaneous and quantitative elemental analysis.

Our easy-to-use ParticleX range also targets specific chemical analysis applications. The Phenom ParticleX Steel Desktop SEM enables high quality steel manufacturing through failure analysis and process improvement; Phenom ParticleX TC Desktop SEM is a versatile solution for your Technical Cleanliness applications; and Phenom ParticleX AM Desktop SEM is suitable for Additive Manufacturing applications. The Phenom Perception GSR Desktop SEM also provides SEM EDX gunshot residue analysis.

The vast majority of our instruments also come with our exclusive ChemiSEM Technology. This automatically colorizes greyscale SEM images in real time, providing you with comprehensive elemental composition information using combined SEM and EDS imaging to accelerate you time to result.

Thermo Fisher Scientific support

Thermo Fisher Scientific provides an ongoing and comprehensive level of support to every customer. This include training and education services and detailed product and technical information.

Our product support capabilities include a full suite of Instrument Support solutions, detailed information available through our online Thermo Fisher Connect services and a comprehensive range of Knowledge Base/Product FAQs options.

We also provide a range of Instrument Services, including service and maintenance plans as well as calibration, compliance, and validation services.

Regardless of your applications and demands, Thermo Fisher Scientific is here to help you achieve the very best from our extensive range of high-performance and easy-to-use scanning electron microscopes.

We work across multiple industries and applications and can help you accelerate your time to results and optimize costs, without compromising on the quality of your research.

If you want to find out more about Thermo Fisher Scientific and our range of scanning electron microscopes, click here to find out more.

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