New Ground

Issue 1 / Summer 2011

Science and technology continuously provide new frontiers that challenge our understanding of biology. Not that long ago it was sequencing a few hundred bases or cloning a gene. Now it’s sequencing millions of bases, even entire genomes, and synthesizing genes from scratch. But it’s just the beginning.

Today, researchers are interpreting and applying this information to address some of the world’s most pressing issues like hunger, disease, and sustainable energy sources. Discoveries are being made every day. Breakthrough technologies are ready to be deployed. New Ground awaits.

New Ground is a new idea for us, a way of highlighting cutting edge technology and research areas driven by the work and opinions of thought leading biologists and scientists from around the world. Stay in touch with the latest developments or suggest topics you would like to see as we highlight some of the most recent news, important trends, and influential people at work in the New Ground.

Inside This Issue

life above the

Epigenetic modifications are putting the genome to work in development and disease.

bring advances to

New semiconductor-based technology is changing how genomes are sequenced.

tissue morphogenesis and advances in reprogramming

Research on both adult and pluripotent stem cells is changing our understanding of how cells reprogram, differentiate and migrate.