Dionex Inuvion Ion Chromatography System

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Meet the Dionex Inuvion IC system

The new Thermo Scientific Dionex Inuvion IC system makes ion analysis simpler and more intuitive than ever before. Designed specifically for ease of use, this IC system provides convenient access to all necessary components, connections, and consumables for streamlined operation and maintenance. It can take advantage of both a wide range of application-specific column chemistries and the flexibility and convenience of electrolytic suppression and automated eluent generation.

The Dionex Inuvion IC system is available in three system configurations: the Dionex Inuvion Core IC system, Dionex Inuvion IC system, and Dionex Inuvion IC system with Reagent-Free IC (RFIC) capabilities. This flexible, adaptable platform is designed to allow you to easily upgrade from the Inuvion Core to the Inuvion (with RFIC) at any time. The system also has a variety of user-installable optional accessories that can be added to address specific application needs.


Experience the next level of IC reliability with a system that can help your lab meet its analysis needs and budget both now and in the future.

Why choose the Dionex Inuvion IC system?

Simple, intuitive user experience Reliable performance Easily configurable and upgradeable
The Dionex Inuvion system allows operators of all skill levels to achieve consistent, excellent results. With automated startup and shutdown routines, it runs samples with minimal user intervention. Additional automated capabilities, such as eluent generation, save time and improve reproducibility by eliminating manual errors. All instrument components are easily accessible for easy maintenance and to quickly swap out accessories. The Dionex Inuvion IC system is engineered for maximum productivity. State-of-the-art pump technology and system self-diagnostics enable dependable performance. This system helps you expand your application capabilities by offering Reagent-Free IC (RFIC) operation for gradient separations and a broad range of column chemistries, including fast columns for increased speed and quality of results. The Dionex Inuvion IC system is available in multiple configurations, so you can configure the exact system your lab needs today, with confidence that you can easily grow and adapt as future needs arise. The Inuvion Core configuration can meet your needs today and be upgraded later, as budget allows, to include the automation and RFIC capabilities that the Inuvion configuration provides.

Dionex Inuvion system configurations


Dionex Inuvion Core

Dionex Inuvion

Dionex Inuvion with RFIC

High-pressure pump (up to 5000 psi)
Chemical suppression
Vacuum pump and degasser +
Electrolytic suppression +
RFIC automatic eluent generation + +


 Standard     + Upgradeable


With multiple options and peripherals to extend IC analysis capabilities, you can easily and cost-effectively adapt to changing sample types and workflow requirements.

Accessory Benefit
Auxiliary valve (6-port or 10-port) Automate in-line sample preparation
Column heater Minimize the impact of lab temperature fluctuations for more consistent results
Digital gas pressure regulator Increase precision of gas delivery for maximum consistency
IC PEEK Viper fittings Ensure confident, low dead volume connections
Integrated regenerant pump Save benchtop space and allow for easier control of the flow rate
Seal wash pump Reduce maintenance costs when using manually prepared eluents
Eluent monitor (2L or 4L) Maximize uptime and reduce maintenance costs

Applications and learning materials

The Dionex Inuvion IC system can be used for a variety of applications including the analysis of environmental, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and industrial samples. It supports a full range of column chemistries to improve the speed and quality of results for both anion and cation analyses. Additional features such as electrolytic suppression and automated eluent generation allow for more consistent results and expanded application capabilities.


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Dionex Inuvion IC System

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