Your guide to data management, analysis, storage, and backup solutions for your scientific data

The value is in the data

 Whether you are working in a core research lab or handling clinical samples, we know that all your data is valuable. With the suite of data analysis, storage, and backup solutions available through Thermo Fisher Scientific, you can be sure that you have more than one option to fit your budget. 

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Let us help you determine what storage solution best fits your needs.


Torrent Storage Device 

For labs looking for high-performance storage of data from low-throughput experiments that don’t require the ability to share data, the Torrent Storage™ Device offers: 

  • Local storage for Ion Torrent™ sequencers, so saved data stays in your lab 
  • Fast and direct data transfer, not dependent on a network 
  • Reliable storage that is tolerant of individual disk failure 
  • Two size options, with the ability to link units together to expand storage as needed 

DataSafe Solutions 

As the best option for labs that want the security of on-site storage and backup along with the convenience of collaboration, DataSafe™ Solutions provides: 

  • Networked storage for all your instruments 
  • Secure, on-site storage device with automated backups for data recovery 
  • Flexible storage infrastructure that scales as you grow 
  • Inclusive IT consultation, hardware, integration, and support 

Torrent Cluster Systems 

As the best option for high-throughput labs that need powerful on-site data analysis and storage, Torrent Cluster™ Systems gives you: 

  • Consolidated data management 
  • Scalable high-performance computing and storage 
  • Customizable solutions 
  • Specialized service and support 

Thermo Fisher Cloud

As the best option for customers that want access to data analysis tools and the
flexibility to buy storage on a pay-per-use basis, Thermo Fisher Cloud lets you: 

  • Upload lab data, graphs, and other results, so you can save all your data—even your largest files 
  • Store results in a secure space 
  • Safely share results online with colleagues across campuses 


Technical specifications
  Torrent Storage Device Thermo Fisher Cloud DataSafe Solutions Torrent Cluster Solutions
Usable storage capacity 20TB or 40TB 10GB–unlimited 15TB–500TB or more 180TB–2.4PB or more
IT data strategy consultation No No Included Included
Multi-instrument enabled No Yes Yes Yes
Data sharing enabled No Yes Yes Yes
Data analysis enabled No Yes No Yes
Solution location On premises Cloud based On premises On premises
Platform compatibility Ion Torrent sequencing Cross-platform NGS, qPCR, Sanger sequencing, imaging Cross-platform NGS, qPCR, Sanger sequencing, imaging Ion Torrent sequencing
Download and upload speeds 6GbE Internet limited 1 or 10GbE 1 or 10GbE
Backup enabled (data replication) No Yes Yes, with dual-device configuration Yes, with dual-device configuration
Customized backup scheduling and journaling No No Yes, with dual-device configuration Yes, with dual-device configuration
Storage scalability Yes, up to 3 devices Yes Yes Yes
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