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Life Science Rewards+

The free member program designed to help you achieve your highest scientific aspirations

Introducing a new program to accelerate success in your research and career. Access exclusive benefits ranging from a free full-size trial product, career-boosting resources, and exciting rewards. Earn points for the products you use—whether they were purchased by you or your organization—or by sharing your insights and experience. Enroll in this early release to receive 500 bonus points and an additional free trial product today!*


 Free full-size trial product

Is there a product from Thermo Fisher Scientific you’d like to try out in your lab? Enroll in Life Science Rewards+ and get:

  • Your choice of one full-size trial product
  • Shipment within 24 hours
  • Discounts on the products you trial
  • Points for participating in surveys


 Career resources

Do the daily demands of your scientific research leave you with little time to focus on career growth? Accelerate your career at any stage when you enroll in Life Science Rewards+ and gain access to:

  • Our most popular scientific educational resources
  • Videos and tools to assist with your professional development
  • Discounts on items such as poster printing and educational courses



 Member rewards

Are you interested in earning points you can redeem for scholarly rewards, discounts, and promotional items? Enroll in Life Science Rewards+ and earn points by:

  • Entering the lot numbers for products you use that were purchased by you or your organization
  • Purchasing eligible products on
  • Participating in activities such as surveys and other opportunities