Custom Applied Biosystems™ TaqMan® TAMRA™ qPCR probes feature a 5’ reporter (Applied Biosystems™ FAM™, VIC™, or TET™ dye) and 3’ fluorescent quencher (TAMRA™ dye). TaqMan TAMRA probes, which were some of the first TaqMan probes to be developed, can be used for a variety of applications.

Catalog number Unit size* Reporter dye Quencher Format  
450025 6,000 pmol FAM, VIC, or TET TAMRA 1 tube Order now
450024 20,000 pmol FAM, VIC, or TET TAMRA 1 tube Order now
450003 50,000 pmol FAM, VIC, or TET TAMRA 1 tube Order now

TAMRA is a fluorescent dye and therefore can be multiplexed with up to 3 dyes. (QSY probes are recommended for anything higher than triplex.) TAMRA probes are typically longer (30 to >40 bp) than MGB nonfluorescent quencher (NFQ) probes, and this can result in reduced specificity.

All TaqMan TAMRA probes are HPLC-purified and verified by mass spectrometry to help ensure lot-to-lot reproducibility between batches. Thermo Fisher Scientific has been a leader in qPCR probe manufacturing for over 20  years. TaqMan probes are manufactured in a facility that is certified to ISO 13485.


Format Tube(s)
Liquid 1X TE
Includes Probe set
5’ reporter dye options FAM, VIC, TET
Purification HPLC
Shelf life 12 months from manufacturing date
Green features Less waste, sustainable packaging
Shipping condition Room temperature
Storage condition –20°C