Sequence detection primers are unlabeled primers that can be used with TaqMan® probes in all of your real-time PCR applications.

Features include:

  • Choice of delivered scales
  • For use in any real-time PCR or PCR application
  • All sequence detection primers are desalted

Real-time PCR sequence detection primers are delivered either in solution or dried.

Catalog # Size Quantity
4304970 10,000 pmol 1 tube Order now
4304971 80,000 pmol 1 tube Order now
4304972 130,000 pmol 1 tube Order now


General specifications

Shelf Life: 12 months from manufacturing date
Purification: Desalted
Format: Delivered either in solution or dried down
Green features: Sustainable packaging, less waste
Shipping conditions: Room temperature

Contents and storage


Real-time PCR Primer: 10,000 pmol unlabeled primer, purified for use in sequence detection, per tube. If in liquid, customer can choose either 1X TE or water.
Storage at –20°C


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