Purity Selection Guide
Information to help you determine which purification method that we offer might help you to achieve the best results with your DNA oligos.

Modification Options

List of all modification options we offer, for your custom DNA primer needs. Including 5’, internal and 3’ modification options with electronic ordering codes.

Minimum Yield Guarantee
Provides information on estimated yield based on length of oligo and starting synthesis scale, as well as minimum yield based on synthesize scale and purification option chosen.

Electronic Codes
For easy ordering using our Email or Fax methods, use the electronic codes provided here to specify your oligo, modification, purifications and synthesis scale choices.


List price for custom DNA primers, including all modification options as well as all synthesis scales we offer for custom DNA primers.

Delivery Schedules
Different modifications, scales, order sizes, oligo length and purification choices will demand different lengths of synthesis time. Check out our delivery schedules for your configuration needs.

Online Ordering Help
Online ordering help with your custom DNA primer orders.