24 hours of stem cells

Use the promo code P1472641 to receive 24% off list price of popular stem cell products*.

Below is a list of applicable products. Promotion code expires March 3, 2016.

Products included in 24% off promotion:

Product Cat. No.
CytoTune™ -iPS 2.0 Sendai Reprogramming Kit A16517
CytoTune™ EmGFP Sendai Fluorescence Reporter A16519
Epi5™ Episomal iPSC Reprogramming Kit A15960
Episomal iPSC Reprogramming Vectors A14703
Product Cat. No.
Essential 6™ Medium A1516401
Essential 8™ Medium A1517001
Geltrex™ hESC-Qualified, Ready-To-Use, Reduced Growth Factor Basement Membrane Matrix A1569601
Geltrex™ LDEV-Free, hESC-Qualified, Reduced Growth Factor Basement Membrane Matrix A1413302
Mouse (ICR) Inactivated Embryonic Fibroblasts A24903
PSC Cryopreservation Kit A2644601
RevitaCell™ Supplement (100X) A2644501
StemPro™ EZPassage™ Disposable Stem Cell Passaging Tool 23181010
Vitronectin (VTN-N) Recombinant Human Protein, Truncated A14700
Product Cat. No.
B-27™ Supplement (50X), custom 0080085SA
B-27™ Supplement (50X), minus antioxidants 10889038
B-27™ Supplement, minus insulin A1895601
B-27™ Supplement (50X), minus vitamin A 12587010
B-27™ Supplement (50X), serum free 17504001
G-5 Supplement (100X) 17503012
N-2 Supplement (100X) 17502048
Neurobasal™-A Medium 10888022
Neurobasal™-A Medium, minus phenol red 12349015
Neurobasal™-A Medium, no D-glucose, no sodium pyruvate A2477501
Neurobasal™ Medium 21103049
Neurobasal™ Medium, minus phenol red 12348017
PSC Neural Induction Medium A1647801
PSC Cardiomyocyte Differentiation Kit A2921201
PSC Definitive Endoderm Induction Kit (Prototype) A27654SA
StemPro™ Neural Supplement A1050801
Product Cat. No.
Alkaline Phosphatase Live Stain A14353
Human Cardiomyocyte Immunocytochemistry Kit A25973
Human Neural Stem Cell Immunocytochemistry Kit A24354
Pluripotent Stem Cell 4-Marker Immunocytochemistry Kit A24881
TaqMan™ hPSC Scorecard™ Kit, 384-well A15872
TaqMan™ hPSC Scorecard™ Kit, Fast 96-well A15871
TaqMan™ hPSC Scorecard™ Panel, 384-well A15870
TaqMan™ hPSC Scorecard™ Panel, Fast 96-well A15876
Cell therapy
Product Cat. No.
CTS™ AIM V™ Medium 0870112DK
CTS™ CELLstart™ Substrate A1014201
CTS™ DPBS, calcium, magnesium A1285801
CTS™ (Cell Therapy Systems) DPBS, without calcium chloride, without magnesium chloride A1285601
CTS™ Immune Cell SR A2596101
CTS™ OpTmizer™ T Cell Expansion SFM A1048501