3D Cell models, plastics and media

3 Days of 3D

As organoids, spheroids and the study of 3D cell culture models continue to show their potential in many applications it is important to continue to drive the latest research in this field.

At Thermo Fisher Scientific we are committed to supporting your research by providing not only quality products and services but a platform to encourage learning.

We are delighted to announce the 3 Days of 3D event! Bringing together our internal R&D scientists as well as the key opinion leaders in the 3D field.

Title: 3 Days of 3D
Where: Virtual Event
When: November 10 to 12
Time: 10:00am GMT
11:00am CET

Keynote speakers

Hans Clevers, MD, PhD

Hans Clevers, MD, PhD

Professor at University Utrecht
Principal Investigator at Hubrecht Institute of the Royal Netherlands Academy and at Prinses Máxima Centrum for Pediatric Oncology

Professor Clevers presentation will take place on 12 November only and will not be available on demand post event—book your place and don't miss it!

Dr. Robert Vries

Dr. Robert Vries

Chief Executive Officer
Hubrecht Organoid Technology


What you can expect

  • A number of presentations showcasing various aspects of 3D Workflows
  • Live Q & A session with Thermo Fisher Scientific R&D Scientists as well as leading scientists in the field
  • A range of materials to help support your research—available post event

Who should attend?

With a wide selection of topics, exciting presentations, a variety of speakers and our own Thermo Fisher Scientific experts on hand this event is open to everyone involved in 3D research.

Whether you are currently working in the field, or looking to take on a new challenge, the scale of knowledge available on the day will cover any need you may have. Learn more about the current practices in the industry, gain insight into what the future holds and network with some of the industry’s leading experts.