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40 scientists, 40 years of breakthroughs

In honor of 40 years of scientific discovery, we’re talking to scientists from all over the world who have used our solutions to lay the groundwork for their history-defining breakthroughs, as well as the rising stars who are pushing the boundaries and tackling some of the most important unanswered questions facing genomics, today and into the future.

During his decades-long career in both academia and the private sector, Sir Peter Donnelly has applied his statistical and mathematical background to advancing the field of polygenic risk scores. "If we're successful... there will be millions of people alive in 20 to 30 years time who wouldn't be alive otherwise. That's how important it is."

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Featured interviews

Kristi Baker, PhD

Associate Professor
University of Alberta

Dr. Kristi Baker shares how her lab uses both animal and human models for their research into colon cancer, in order to close the gap between bench and bedside.

Pui Kwok, MD, PhD

Henry Bachrach Distinguished Professor, UCSF
Director, Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Academia Sinica

Pui Kwok discusses the Taiwan Precision Medicine Initiative, and the opportunities an challenges of integrating precision medicine into standard healthcare.

Francis Barany, PhD

Professor, Microbiology
Weill Cornell Medicine

Dr. Barany is researching new liquid biopsy methods using cost efficient and scalable technology, in order to make cancer detection more accessible.

Efrem Lim, PhD

Associate Professor, Biodesign Institute
Arizona State University

Efrem Lim shares how the QuantStudio™Absolute Q™Digital PCR System allows his lab to target mutations in SARS-Cov-2.

Anuradha Chougule

Consultant, Tata Memorial Hospital
Professor, MUHS

Professor Anuradha Chougule is working to develop targeted, affordable cancer therapies that avoid the harmful sideeffectsofchemotherapy.

Nikolaos Mellios, MD, PhD

Associate Professor
University of New Mexico

Professor Mellios shares how his research into circular RNA can help answer questions about psychiatric and neurological disorders such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

Richard Pither, PhD

CEO, Cytox

Richard Pither and his company, Cytox, are utilizing polygenic risk scores to develop tests that might accurately identify a person's risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.

Jeanette Schmidt

Head of Bioinformatics
Thermo Fisher Scientific

“What we do matters so much.” Jeanette Schmidt explains how being able to collaborate with customers and help them answer their research questions inspires her work in bioinformatics.


Download a timeline of how Applied Biosystems technologies have supported history-defining breakthroughs over the past four decades.

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40 years of superior service and support

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