The Gibco Bacto CD Supreme Fermentation Production Medium (FPM) is the first off-the-shelf chemically defined medium to support robust plasmid and recombinant protein production. It offers an alternative to hydrolysates and animal-origin components in a one-part, easy-to-use medium. It supports high productivity to help accelerate your speed to market. Recommended for use in microbial cell cultures, as a base medium, and to enhance overall culture performance in batch or fed-batch processes.

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Benefits of Bacto CD Supreme FPM:

Podcast: Microbial bioproduction and chemically defined media advances, and the development of Bacto CD Supreme FPM
plasmid production growth increase example
E. coli close-up
Figure showing evaluation of CD medium for plasmid production
DNA artistic rendering on plasmid DNA production brochure
Plasmid production for gene therapy data table

Poster: Production of high-quality plasmid in novel chemically defined medium, Gibco Bacto CD Supreme Fermentation Production Medium (FPM), for AAV-based gene therapy applications


Helps reduce lot-to-lot performance variability with a 100% chemically defined formulation.

Workflow compatibility

For use with recombinant proteins, whole virus vaccines, viral vectors, subunit and toxoid vaccines, DNA/RNA vaccines. It is applicable for multiple strains of Escherichia coli, including BL21, DH5a, DH10b, DH-1, Stbl2, Stbl3, and TOP10.

Formulation quality and consistency

Proprietary blend of amino acids, vitamins, salts, and other essential nutrients for microbial fermentation. Bacto CD Supreme FPM offers a dependable, defined composition based on the nutritional requirements of Escherichia coli (E. coli).

Risk reduction and sterilization flexibility

Minimize risk of bacteriophage and BSE/TSE contamination. Flexible sterilization methods allow filter sterilization or autoclaving.


Standard packaging sizes (500 g and 10 kg). Shelf life of 18 months when stored refrigerated (2–8°C). Designed for various manufacturing equipment from traditional stainless steel to single-use fermentors. Easily scalable to large-volume fermentation.

Optimizes fermentation workflow

Bacto CD Supreme FPM saves time as a one-part dry powder medium. By eliminating the need for excessive raw material management, weighing, or blending of multiple components, you’ll achieve improved efficiency and reduce handling.

Expertise and support

This formulation takes advantage of the expertise and experience of Thermo Fisher Scientific in peptones, fermentation, and innovative chemically defined media.

Bioprocessing resources

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.