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The field of immunology is expanding.

The importance of research has become even more significant around the globe with the recent pandemic and researchers have been uncovering how immune systems relate to many other disease areas and got host protection.

Rooted in passion, innovation and impact, we provide firsthand insights and perspectives for achievable breakthroughs for scientists in the field of immunology research to explore the spark to advance science.

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We asked scientists in immunology research about the challenges they face, how they overcome them and what keeps them motivated.

What we learned was so inspiring that we created this space
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Diving deep into immuno-oncology mechanisms with multi-parametric research
Immuno-oncology has changed the world in terms of cancer therapies. I really like to be at this point in research, translating science from the lab to the clinic.”
Sylvain Thierry

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Making flow cytometry approachable – one instrument at a time
The explosion of data in high dimensional flow cytometry has also given rise to the challenge of data analysis in immunology….”
Katheryn Fox

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Developing assays for identifying biomarkers in infectious diseases and immuno-oncology research
You have to put the pieces together, look at the whole picture, and try to figure out the next steps.” 
Pratik Vikhe

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Unraveling different ways of tackling common research challenges

An idea is like a spark in the dark. It makes everything brighter. This blog series uncovers common challenges in immunology research experiments and spark different ways of thinking to discover solutions.

A scientist get ideas to tackle the common challenges in immunology research

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