ExpiCHO-S Cells (cGMP Banked)

ExpiCHO-S™ Cells are derived from a non-engineered sub-clone that was screened and isolated from CHO-S Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells.

As part of the ExpiCHO Expression System Kit, the cells generate superior protein yields by transient transfection compared to standard CHO, 293, and high-density Expi293F cells.

Features of ExpiCHO-S Cells (cGMP Banked) include:

  • Derived from the same Master Seed Bank as our standard ExpiCHO-S Cells
  • Fully documented cGMP-banked cell line
  • A component of the fully integrated, animal origin-free ExpiCHO Expression System for applications requiring cGMP-banked cells
  • Flexible commercial licensing options without royalties
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