Platinum SuperFi II DNA Polymerase

Invitrogen Platinum SuperFi II DNA Polymerase is a hot-start, engineered proofreading DNA polymerase, providing superior fidelity and specificity to your PCR.

Platinum SuperFi II DNA Polymerase offers efficiency and simplicity in PCR applications requiring highest PCR accuracy, such as cloning, sequencing, and mutagenesis.


  • Exceptional accuracy – Higher than 300x Taq fidelity as determined by next-generation sequencing
  • Simplified workflow – Buffer formulated for primer annealing at 60°C (no need for a Tm calculator)
  • Reduced pipetting – Master mix options available with or without direct gel-loading dyes
  • Improved automation – High specificity and benchtop stability for 24 hours after reaction setup, enabled by Invitrogen Platinum hot-start technology
  • Increased PCR success – Robust amplification of GC-rich targets, DNA of suboptimal purity, and long sequences
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