Is immuno-oncology the new path to win the war against cancer?

The concept that the immune system plays a critical role in anti-tumor responses has been demonstrated and more recently immune checkpoint therapy has started a revolution in the field of oncology research. Several research studies are ongoing to identify appropriate biomarkers and more recently a multi biomarkers approach is seen as the only path to advance Immunotherapies research.

Learn what immuno-oncology thought leaders have shared with us

What are the new promising immuno-oncology biomarker strategies and its potential impact to molecular pathology?
Dr Albrecht Stenzinger
Head, IPH Center for Molecular Pathology, Heidelberg, Germany

How can the tumour mutation burden be a game changing
immuno-oncology biomarker?
Prof. Wolfram Jochum
Kantonsspital St. Gallen, Switzerland

Can T-cell receptor (TCR) repertoire sequencing be a missing piece of the immuno-oncology puzzle?
Prof. José Carlos Machado
Ipatimup, Medical Faculty Porto, Portugal

What are the new requirements for molecular pathology laboratories in the immuno-oncology era? The value of working together
PhD Sabine Merckelbach-Bruse
Institute of Pathology of University Hospital of Cologne, Germany