Analytes remain stable for up to 30 days after opening

30 days open vial stabilty

Optimize product utilization

Most MAS Quality Controls can be used for up to 30 days after opening the vials. Thanks to normalized stability across all analytes, they fit seamlessly into your lab’s existing timeline for quality control.

All controls ready to use straight from the fridge

Ready to use

Increase daily throughput

MAS Quality Controls are ready to use straight from the fridge. Not having to wait for reconstitution means less downtime and more throughput at your lab.

Most MAS controls have a three-year shelf life.

3-5 years shelf life

Maximize time savings

With their long shelf life, MAS Quality Controls help reduce the amount of time you spend on lot-to-lot verification. This simplifies planning ahead and frees you up to focus on other essential lab tasks.

LabLink xL - Daily QC and Peer Data in Real-Time

Say goodbye to manual data entry

Increase confidence in your lab’s clinical results and improve the efficiency in your lab with quality controls that are built for your timeline.  Make your lab lean and efficient, streamlining your process without sacrificing quality or throughput.

Thermo Scientific™ MAS™ controls, with Thermo Scientific LabLink xL software empower you to optimize your quality control system, increase overall productivity, and efficiently manage demanding timelines. Talk to a Specialist about making your lab more efficient and productive with MAS QC.

MAS Quality Controls

Get the most out of your products

MAS quality control analytes remain stable for up to 30 days after opening, featuring open vial stability that is higher than most comparable controls on the market. Open vial stability is normalized across the analytes present in the control, making it easier for labs to use one control with greater certainty knowing the stability remains the same for the analytes in the control.

Easy to use

Unlike other quality controls, MAS quality controls are ready to use immediately, right from the cold storage refrigerator.  MAS QC gives YOU the control, with no waiting for reconstitution. Your saves time and money and reduces the potential errors of reconstitution.

Save time

Calibrating new QC lot rolls is a tedious, but necessary, part of running the lab. MAS QC products offer controls with some of the longest shelf life available. Reduce the time spent having to recalibrate new QC lots by using MAS QC products with controls that offer extended shelf-life. Fewer lot roll changes means increased productivity and improved efficiency for your lab. As an example: Thermo Scientific™ MAS™ Liquimmune™ quality control has the longest shelf life (5 years) in the industry; other MAS quality controls typically have a 3-year shelf life.

For In Vitro Diagnostic Use.