Syntri™ Arcos™ Block Management System

A tissue block management breakthrough

Minimize errors, increase productivity, and keep your laboratory's resources focused on what matters most—positive patient outcomes—with Thermo Scientific™ Arcos™ Block Management System.

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Protect precious patient tissue blocks from misplacement and loss.


Simple to fill

Simply fill storage trays at the microtome, scan with the Arcos Scanner, and store in your archives.


Save thousands of man-hours per year—no more manual sorting and searching.

A tissue block management breakthrough

Take control of your archives

The system is designed to increase productivity, minimize errors, and keep your laboratory’s resources focused on what matters most—positive patient outcomes.

There is no more need for time-consuming manual sorting of tissue blocks. In just minutes, the Arcos scans hundreds of blocks and records their exact location—from the position in the tray to the final storage point in your archive. Need a specimen for re-cutting? The Arcos System quickly gives you the location, records where you sent it, and when it is due back. When you’ve completed your work, simply place the block in the next tray to be scanned; the system will automatically update the location in your database.

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