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Run samples faster and achieve greater resolution—with little fear of sample loss due to clogging.

The Invitrogen™ Attune™ NxT Flow Cytometer combines precision with performance in a true benchtop flow cytometer with up to 4 lasers and 16 parameters of detection. The Attune NxT Flow Cytometer was developed with the goal of removing barriers associated with flow cytometry and enabling new science. This includes bringing the power of flow cytometry to the analysis of more sample types, including cancer cells. The addition of the Invitrogen™ Attune™ Autosampler helps enable significantly faster high-throughput multiparametric screening.

Powerful, flexible flow cytometer

  • Empower your research—Speed isn’t just going fast, it’s DISCOVERY. High level of data fidelity, 10x faster
  • Enable more—Investigate more sample types, including tumour samples, without losing your precious samples
  • Expand your capabilities—Enable more as your needs expand, with field upgradability of up to 4 lasers and 16 detection channels
  • Simplified sample prep—No-wash, no-lyse sample prep options with clog-resistant fluidics
  • Option for walk-away automation—Plate autosampler with clog-resistant design

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