Let the presentations begin…

At #CYToMORE 2016, we hosted 130 participants from all around the world for four days in the beautiful town of Modena—Italy. With more than 30 hours of teaching and discussions on advanced cytometry, and with several opportunities to meet the speakers and other colleagues in an informal setting, the overall course was judged as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ by 100% of the post event survey participants.

Read some of the comments from #CYToMORE participants:

“My favourite part of the event was the lecture about ROS, were good practical tips were given. I learned very useful things”


“My favourite part of the event were the technical lectures about flow cytometry of T cells and the social events”



CYToMORE 2016 on Social Media
#CYToMORE on Social Media

“I liked the talks about the new frontiers of flow cytometry applications led by the biggest experts in this field and the open and encouraged discussion. It was a great occasion to meet other researchers with similar interest from different countries”

“Congratulations, excellent course, wonderful organisation, hospitality and great venue. I liked the most the size of the event and the relaxed atmosphere very much supporting interactions. Speakers were great. I will very likely attend similar event in future”
—The Netherlands

“The event was good and I will somewhat likely attend CYToMORE again in future. The organisation was good and the town of Modena beautiful”

“Course was excellent and I was given a fellowship to attend by SIICA”

“ Thanks to Thermo Fisher for the opportunity to meet so many great cytometry experts in a casual setting, I will not miss next edition of such a wonderful course”