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The Invitrogen™ Flow Cytometry Reagent Selection Wheel will help quickly identify which product matches the laser excitation and emission channel of your panel products highlighted:

  • Viability stains (fixable and non-fixable)
  • Apoptosis reagents (Annexin V conjugates and kits)
  • Cell proliferation assays (generational tracing and DNA replication)
  • Cell cycle analysis (fixed- and live-cell analysis)

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Need something else? We have many resources available for you to explore on flow cytometry applications, techniques and basic principles.


Flow Cytometry Panel Design Tool

Choose antibody conjugates for your panel in 3 easy steps: 1) pick the antibody species reactivity; 2) select up to 14 targets; and 3) choose the lasers or fluorophores you want to view.

Flow Cytometry Application Notes

This collection includes articles that demonstrate how our products are used in various flow cytometry applications, providing the conditions and reagents used to achieve the results. In addition, find scientific posters presented by our R&D scientists at key conferences.

Flow Cytometry Resource Guide

This guide presents an overview of cell function assays, and other tools optimised for flow cytometry by our scientists.

Flow Cytometry Educational Videos & Webinars

These webinars, videos and tutorials are designed to educate researchers interested in utilising flow cytometry. The webinars are divided into learning modules to make navigating the information easy.

Flow Cytometry Research Tools

Here you will find useful tools aimed at helping you select the right products for your experiments including the Fluorescence SpectraViewer, flow cytometry panel design tool, antibodies search tool, mobile apps and more.

Immunology Research Guide

Our extensive and ultra-sensitive portfolio of immunology research products can illuminate all stages of T cell development and activation. View the three steps to success here.

BioProbes 71—Special Flow Cytometry Edition

This issue of the BioProbes—Molecular Probes Journal of Cell Biology Applications is focused on flow cytometry, featuring articles and reviews about key topics in flow cytometry. These include a review about rare cell detection, an article about the basics of flow cytometry panel design and more.

Flow Cytometry Protocols

Find step-by-step instructions for successful fluorescence-based assays to measure cell proliferation, viability, and vitality using your flow cytometer.

Attune NxT Flow Cytometer

Run samples faster and achieve greater resolution—with little fear of sample loss due to clogging.