We’ve incorporated into!

Since the 2012 acquisition of Doe & Ingalls Management, LLC (Doe & Ingalls) by Thermo Fisher Scientific, we’ve been diligently aligning our business for the most powerful impact on our customers. To this end, we have made sure to maintain the same high level of quality and services you have come to expect from Thermo Fisher Scientific and Doe & Ingalls.

The brand of Doe & Ingalls will now be replaced with Thermo Scientific Production Chemicals and Services.

The legal entity and legal status of our business unit does not change. It will remain Doe & Ingalls Management, LLC. There are no changes to the locations, processes, product quality, product support, or current contracts including quality agreements and service agreements for Doe & Ingalls.

Our top priority is to ensure your seamless experience as we rebrand from Doe & Ingalls to Thermo Scientific Production Chemicals and Services. We appreciate your continued business.

Items that Change Items that DO NOT change
  • Brand
  • Quotes
  • Invoices
  • Packing lists
  • Bills of lading
  • Marketing materials
  • Website migration to
  • Legal entity and status of our business
  • Certificates of analysis
  • Certificates of origins
  • TSE/BSE statements
  • Any other manufacturer documentation
  • Locations
  • Processes
  • Product quality
  • Product support
  • Current contracts
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