End-to-end support for OEM commercialization and supply

The versatility of Dynabeads magnetic beads extends across a wide range of scientific disciplines and applications, making them an ideal tool in the development of commercial products and services for diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventative healthcare use. 

Dynabeads Technology – OEM puts our proprietary paramagnetic bead technology, experience, and capabilities at your fingertips, providing a suite of services to help streamline your product development, help accelerate the commercialization process, and reduce time to market.

With 35+ years’ experience in designing, developing and manufacturing paramagnetic beads to internationally recognized quality standards, our Dynabeads product specialists have collaborated with leading biotech, pharma, diagnostic, and healthcare companies, providing optimized and validated Dynabeads magnetic beads under custom OEM supply arrangements.

Our scientific specialists work in partnership with your R&D and supply teams, offering guidance on aspects such as bead selection, protocol optimization, workflow analysis, and scale-up from prototype batches to bulk manufacturing, helping provide reassurance on both bead performance and security of supply. 

Find out how our technical team can help to give your innovations an excellent start.

OEM solutions

Dynabeads manufacturing site at Lillestrom, Norway

Commercial supply

  • ISO13485:2016 Manufacture
  • Three European production facilities
  • Bead selection & evaluation support
  • Reliable supply of custom beads to defined schedules and volumes

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Monodispersed Dynabeads magnetic beads showing uniform size and distribution

Custom bead solutions

  • Bead selection & evaluation
  • Bead coupling & conjugation
  • Protocol development, validation, & optimization


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Team of scientists standing in a lab with benchtop equipment

Dynabeads Plus assay development

  • Feasibility
  • Batch validation
  • Assay development sessions
  • Workflow analysis

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Scientist holding sample tube with DNA double helix in background

Molecular diagnostic assay development

Create high performance assays for nucleic acid detection & capture.

Lab scientists preparing samples set against antibody background

Immunodiagnostic assay development

Fast & efficient ligand immobilization for direct and indirect capture of protein biomarkers for use with assay methodologies.

R&D scientist working in a vaccine development lab

Vaccine development & production

Flexible, dynamic in vitro transcription for highly purified, scalable mRNA synthesis.

Image showing DNA structure with nucleic acid sequence

Next generation sequencing (NGS)

Native and conjugated beads to select nucleic acid fragments for library construction.

Imaging showing proteins and T cell lymphocytes

T cell activation

Optimized pre-conjugated beads for efficient T cell activation and stimulation.

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Magnetic beads for leukocyte depletion for circulating tumor cells (CTC) detection

Enable high-quality liquid biopsy sample prep every time with Dynabeads MyOne CD45:

  • Fast binding kinetics for efficient leukocyte depletion, including granulocytes
  • Cost efficiency: 150 µg beads per 106 cells
  • Automation: small bead size (1 µm) for easy and fast automation with KingFisher Sample Purification Systems and microfluidic devices

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Success story

Seattle-based Key Proteo has a simple mission to provide preemptive treatment for genetic diseases before they are clinically manifested by expanding and improving newborn screening programs. Key Proteo is doing this by developing novel proteomic-based newborn screening methods to radically change the course of treatable genetic diseases.

Through their research and development process, Key Proteo teamed up with Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Dynabeads OEM team to manufacture the magnetic beads utilized in their product. Their prior success in using Dynabeads magnetic beads prompted Key Proteo to request a feasibility study by Thermo Fisher in order to explore differences in Dynabeads architecture and chemistry. This study focused on identifying the number of distinct antibodies that could be coupled to the magnetic beads and exploring the different performances of Dynabeads products in the Key Proteo assay. Not only was it important for Key Proteo to identify the amount and number of antibodies that could successfully couple to the bead, but they also needed to understand the cost consequences of varying the number of antibodies, type of beads, conjugation strategy, and any affects to product stability through the entire workflow. These factors were balanced while maintaining the performance and cost effectiveness of Key Proteo’s newborn screening assay.

Thermo Fisher’s expertise in bulk antibody-Dynabeads reagent production as well as their overall expertise in magnetic bead technology has allowed Key Proteo to successfully continue to develop and manufacture their product. Their technology will allow the targeting of new or existing genetic conditions to change their clinical course and ensure a better quality of life for patients.


T cell activation using Dynabeads products

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Dynabeads Technology - OEM team will be attending numerous tradeshows, seminars, and events in the coming year and would be delighted to meet with you in person to discuss your commercial requirements.  

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.