Thermo Fisher Scientific Symposium

The concept that the immune system plays a critical role in anti-tumour responses has been demonstrated and more recently immune checkpoint therapy has started a revolution in the field of oncology research. Several research studies are ongoing to identify appropriate biomarkers and more recently a multi-biomarker approach is seen as the only path to advance immunotherapies research.

See what thoughts leaders have shared during our symposium about their immuno-oncology and liquid biopsy research.


  • How new biomarkers like TCR sequencing and mutational burden may enhance immunotherapies studies
  • The power of designing your own panels and finding variants with a low limit of detection—down to 0.1% for cell-free DNA samples

Download below what they have presented.

An innovative multi-dimensional NGS approach to understanding the tumour microenvironment and evolution


Jim H. Godsey, PhD
Vice President, R&D,
Clinical Sequencing Division,
Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Current practice, needs and future directions in immuno-oncology research testing


Prof. José Carlos Machado, PhD
Board of Directors member and Group Coordinator,
Porto, Portugal

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Fingerprinting immune responses and improving immunotherapies with TCR sequencing


Dr Noel de Miranda, PhD
Department of Pathology,
Leiden University Medical Center,
Leiden, The Netherlands

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Liquid biopsies sensitive detection in cfDNA in breast and lung cancer


Professor Jacqui Shaw
Leicester Cancer Research Centre,
United Kingdom

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