Improve central memory phenotype and cell growth for allogeneic T cell therapies

Gibco CTS OpTmizer Pro SFM is a novel medium, developed for the growth and expansion of human T lymphocytes (e.g., CD4+, CD8+, polyclonal cells, or antigen specific T cells) used in allogeneic cell therapies. CTS OpTmizer Pro SFM improves central memory phenotype and cell growth by shifting the cell’s metabolism. The result is a larger population of central memory cells in a shorter period of time.

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  • Serum-free and xeno-free medium
  • Supports high density cultures in static cultures
  • New Aegis5-14 film and bag design allows compatibility with closed systems
  • Supports T-cell activation using Dynabeads magnetic beads, soluble antibodies, and stimulatory antibody-presenting cell protocols 


  • Maintains central memory T cells further into expansion, which is well suited for longer workflows (>15 days)
  • Modest increases in central memory cells at early stage in the expansion protocol result in larger cell yields at harvest 
  • Capable of achieving the same number of cells in a shorter duration
  • Ideally suited to the production of allogeneic therapies

Figure 1. Cells from 6 healthy donors were expanded in CTS OpTmizer Pro SFM. Cells were assessed at day 17. Improved growth that became more pronounced over time was observed as indicated by an average increase of 187%. With the improved growth, there was no difference in cell viability.

Figure 2. T cells from nine diseased donors were expanded in CTS OpTmizer Pro SFM. Inconsistent proliferation of T cells was seen in those cells derived from donors with disease compared to cells derived from healthy donors.

Enhanced design and compatibility 

Thermo Scientific Aegis5-14 Film allows compatibility with closed systems​.

Thermo Scientific Aegis5-14 Film is a five-layer cast film produced in a cGMP facility. The outer layer is a polyester elastomer coextruded with an ethyl vinyl alcohol (EVOH) barrier layer and an ultra-low-density polyethylene product contact layer. Aegis5-14 Film is manufactured using no animal derived components.

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Frequently asked questions

Does CTS OpTmizer Pro SFM contain any steroids/proteins?CTS OpTmizer Pro SFM contains albumin, but no steroids
Can CTS OpTmizer Pro SFM be stored frozen for extended shelf life?CTS OpTmizer Pro SFM should not be stored frozen.
Does CTS OpTmizer Pro SFM have a DMF?Yes, CTS OpTmizer Pro SFM has all the traceability documentation—including Drug Master Files (DMF) and certificates of origin—available upon request.
What populations of T cells has this product been verified to culture?CTS OpTmizer Pro SFM is targeted for the expansion of CD3+CD4+ and CD3+CD8+ T-cells.
Are there any special considerations for adapting my protocols/current cells in culture to CTS OpTmizer Pro SFM?The protocol for the use of CTS OpTmizer Pro SFM is identical to CTS OpTmizer T Cell Expansion SFM.
Is CTS OpTmizer Pro SFM compatible with GlutaMAX?This medium can be supplemented with GlutaMAX, with a recommended concentration of 2%.
What is the maximum cell density that CTS OpTmizer Pro SFM can support?CTS OpTmizer Pro SFM has been used to support cell densities up to 5 x 106 cells/mL in a static plate and 9 x 107 cells/mL in a perfusion rocking bioreactor.
Can CTS OpTmizer Pro SFM be used with larger vessels?CTS OpTmizer Pro SFM supports cell expansion in rocking bioreactors and has been tested up to 5 L volumes.

Applying the Allogeneic Process to Overcome Challenges in Cell Therapy

For Research Use or Manufacturing of Cell, Gene, or Tissue-Based Products. CAUTION: Not intended for direct administration into humans or animals.